Reset is a temporary venue that gives the floor to local and European cultural actors, hosting exhibitions, public debates, club nights, concerts, theatre plays and much more. Its mission is to be an ephemeral artistic, cultural and social laboratory, a place for meetings and dialogue.

Operated by Arty Farty Brussels, this 33,000m2 building, of which 5000m2 have been made accessible, in the vibrant heart of the EU is in transit from being the former Dexia Headquarters to the future Police center; it is in this space that Reset deploys its ambitious project.

The building is located in one of the most distinctive heritage sites the city has to offer.You can find this hexagonal structure on the touchline between the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula and the administrative core of Brussels.

This district is characterised by a low density of population and suffers from its corporate monoculture. Reset aims to revive this neighbourhood by completely inverting the previous opening hours of the bank, creating a cultural and social laboratory, where people come together to enter dialogue, discover art, music and dance in every possible format.

By collaborating with local and European collectives, organisations and artists, Reset reclaims 6000m2 of the city center for its own grassroots cultural activists, who often struggle to find enough welcoming spots to showcase their work. These artists are given a stage next to the iconic artworks that already inhabit this edifice: “le Capteur de Ciel” by Pol Bury and “Artifices d’acier” by Oliver Strebelle.


Arty Farty Brussels is a sister-organisation to Arty Farty France, a non-profit, European and independent association that was founded in 1999 to be at the service of emerging cultures, young people, democratic renewal and the general interest.Since 2016 Arty Farty Brussels organises Nuits Sonores & European Lab Brussels, a yearly innovative and urban festival that celebrates contemporary music and independent scenes by bringing together local and international actors. The festival happens in autumn and proposes four days of live music, performances, dj-sets and debates.

Next to its festival the association recently acquired a temporary occupation by winning a call to project by the city of Brussels. Reset is a space in transition, from a former bank to a future police station and will be a cultural center for everyone in the coming years.Arty Farty is also behind the European network of the same name: Reset! Network. The Brussels-based non-profit organisation can count on the management, administrative, production and communications skills of its four Belgian employees, as well as the expertise of its fourteen directors. It also benefits from invaluable support from the cultural expertise of its sister organisation in Lyon (Arty Farty) and its partners Bozar and LaVallée.

This building also functions as the embassy for Reset!, a network that promotes independent cultural and media actors.


Rue de Ligne 8, 1000 Brussels