Reset! is a European network
gathering and supporting
independent, cultural, media and creative organisations.

Reset! aims to highlight the fragile situation and specific needs of these independent actors, who are neither under the control of any public authorities nor affiliated with large private groups.
Reset! federates these actors of diversity and pluralism in Europe, while amplifying their visibility and networking through a series of actions online and offline. Fragmented and isolated, the sector needs to be identified, supported, and gathered together to reach a critical mass and access recognition and transnational visibility.

Reset! is fully committed to create a new model, based upon resilience and recovery of the cultural and creative sector who is and has been particularly impacted by the latest crisis. The feedback of information, data and needs of these independent actors will be tackled through surveys, journalistic features, the intervention of researchers and authors, as well as decentralized workshops in 16 countries which will allow us to propose adapted support programs to strengthen the capacity for survival, action and cooperation.